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All Aspects have been providing support, software and websites to local businesses in Kent and South East for more than 15 years. We have gained a reputation for efficient MSAccess database software, maintenance, supply, repair and network design in all areas of business use.

We have designed many high quality PC based relational databases using MS Access for both small and large businesses. Giving companies the opportunity to design there own computer software to suit there business needs.

We offer simple web design to our customers please visit out customer page to preview some of our work. You can contact any of our clients and ask them about our services

MSAccess Database design

All Aspects design PC based relational databases (computer systems) using MS Access for businesses of all sizes

These databases can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements and include many useful automated features, all database systems can be easily networked for simultaneous use on a number of PCs. We can assist with the complete project: definition of requirements, design, programming, testing, implementation and training

Why MSAccess ?

Microsoft Access is by no means the only RDBMS, or Relational Database Management System available on the market today, other popular relational databases include FoxPro, Paradox and Dbase to name just a few. Access is extremely popular and there is a good chance you already have a copy on your PC even if you don't use it, Access is a component part of Microsoft Office Professional. If you do not have a copy of Access, we can arrange a run-time version, so you wont necessarily have to purchase a copy.

As Access is a Microsoft product and has been since version one, it is more likely to have a secure long term future than many of the others. If you love Microsoft, or loathe them with a passion, the fact is that the majority of the world is using their software. Consequently information about Access is readily available to the developer in the form of books, discussion groups, internet resources etc, which simplifies the development task and helps keep the price down.

Many people start their business using a spreadsheet such as Excel, then rapidly discover the serious limitations and want to convert to a database. An Access database will allow complex queries from the underlying tables, producing reports that show exactly the information you require. Data can be checked as it is entered into the system, preventing predictable mistakes, saving time and money in the process. Using the security system built into Access you can restrict certain users from viewing/changing data. For example you might want to stop a particular user from viewing the salary of members of staff, or make arrangements so that a user can add information to the system, but not be able to change the existing data.

Access, like all other programs does have its limitations, as a general rule you don't want to have more than about ten people using it on a network at the same time, or have more than about 500,000 records in your database. If your requirements already exceed this, or are likely to in the near future, you should consider a Client Server arrangement. In this case Access is still a good choice as you can use Access for the front end and use SQL server for the back end.

Computer Networking

We can build from the ground up a network to fit the way you work. Do you use Apple Mac's, Laptops, Home workers, PDA,s ,Mobile phone, Wireless then we can help you share your data.

We can supply, install and service

Planning cable and wireless networks

Installation of structured cabling.

Servers using Microsoft Windows Server products

Print server

3rd party email server

Mail scan Anti virus


Contact: 0208-851-2581 0r 07958-337989                                                                                               Email: [email protected]
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